Master Kleen Fine Dry Cleaning
There are very few garments as important as your wedding gown. As in the treatment of all our garments, Master Kleen ‘s gentle cleaning solvents protect delicate beads and lace. But beyond that, we also carefully finish each intricate detail by hand. To protect and preserve the gown for future generations, we hand pack it in a specially designed keepsake box.

Tips for protecting and caring for your Wedding Gown
  1. Choose a specialist who will personally process your gown, NOT one that will send it off to someone you don't even know.
  2. Ask to inspect your gown before it is put into a container, which should be PH neutral or acid free.
  3. Avoid storing your gown in plastic bags or vacuum sealed containers.
  4. Avoid storing your gown in the attic or basement. It should be kept in a cool, dry place. Do not store it in a closet located near a hot water heater.
  5. Be sure to always wash your hands before handling your wedding gown.
  6. Point out any stains or areas of concern. Some stains do not show up right away and may require special attention.
  7. It is best to have your gown preserved right after the wedding before accidental spills become permanent stains. The sooner it is cleaned and preserved, the better the results will be.